Movie recommendation:​ LOEV


Could never understand fiction for the fact that life never could play fiction hence it becomes really difficult to enjoy much animated or comic, while, alongside life gave anxiety or maybe some irresistible urge to not be static for long, or maybe sticking to anything for that matter.
While I planned on to tick of 5 movies this month, it is the 18th day out of 30 I got; I finally could motivate me to watch a movie in my time ( Yes being nocturnal is common)
So, the first movie of the month was Badrinath ki Dulhania, Oh why? Oh because Amazon prime India is in love with a few movies they would offer no wonder what you are looking for.
I literally cried the second half, the whole freaking second half of the movie.
LOEV is the second on the list this month, planned to watch this one animated movie I wanted to since November 2017 but this brings us to the first few lines of the review or write up; Couldn’t really convince myself to work hard on google and all for the movie I wanted. Even I most of the time randomly am attracted by a random unconventional movie when I plan to watch something specific.

So, LOEV is the source to cling to the cliche ideas produced and thoughts which are least talked about. The movie is about two people who are struggling to sort their long dramatic on and off a sexual/emotionally bridged relationship. The story is about Jai (A successful New York-based businessman) And Sahil ( Young Mumbai based musician) Who plan a weekend getaway in hills around Mumbai (Western Ghats) where they evolve and struggle to not, and to; when Jai is in the city for a business trip. Sahil is dating Alex, Which adds the spice and ice to a few moves and to relations in the movie. Jai who is in love with Sahil tries, resits and fails, while Sahil, on the other hand, floats in his own tussle.

The movie is a romantic drama Produced by Saria and Bombay Berlin Film Productions. As said By Wikipedia.
Even how appropriately the name of the movie is a misspelled word LOVE which states the turmoil and zigzags in the thought process the movie revolves around.


The movie is based on how un recited love, and longings and not being able to accept self, builds anger and anxiety while we chase the undirected and need to walk down on the path, we fail! Because “emotions”.

It is a one time watch, like most movies are, for me! But I totally recommend you to watch this one!
The story revolves around the universally accepted vision of attraction and love.
While reading the Wikipedia for the movie, it broke my heart to realize that Sahil ( Dhruv Ganesh ) died before the release of this movie, he was jubilant.
While the ending of the movie is happy or sad or jibe, it makes you think.
And then the music is to love, Like LOEV
And the movie ends with the departure scene with guilt and realizations, leaving in a little heft
Just like the lyrics of the song “Ek Chand” from the movie
“Ek Chand Asman me Raat Baar tehra hai, Chand ko Pata Nahi, Tera hai ya Mera Hai.
Koi phir le jaye usko, jane uspe hak hai kisko. jane do!”

Links: official trailer



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