Movie recommendation: Lust stories

  Beyond the stabilities of our everyday social lie, Life. Lust stories unleash the repressed emotions, values, and facts among the usual each of us. The Netflix film is 4 stories directed by Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar, talks about the ambiguity of life within a human brain for relationships and desires, Lust! It depicts the calm, before the storms, And … Continue reading Movie recommendation: Lust stories

Keep your shackles. //Comeback!!

Hey guys,  It’s January 23rd. The lunacy is back. It’s Birthdayyyy<3 Well, I have decided to begin again with a bit more things than just words, even though they are all we have and all we spell. Let 2017 be more magical. So, this one I recently wrote on how people assume, she would ask for a permission; failing to realise that she is in herself … Continue reading Keep your shackles. //Comeback!!


Doors; They inhibit the values and life. They sacrifice isolation or disguise. They welcome the heart you dig in, They break it with goodbyes. The life is in symmetry, Aline! It’s zig zag in boxes painted in colors bright. The story inside is hidden, Like next page flipped beside! And you still choose to subside, The emotions, may be futile. Or you walk out bright … Continue reading Doors.

Part 0.9.

the night’s fallen, the road is empty. the dim is taking in but this wall still standing. in dull and murky. with the street light shining bright. that within the winter you see it Candescent. in rage. with green,orange and black shades, all soaking curvatures based on white; it started it’s life with. & stands, no wonder how sunny or freezing the temperature declines. still … Continue reading Part 0.9.